Sonni is a certified Life Coach, a wife and a mother with a Bachelors in Psychology who is a certified Project Manager by trade. She has a varied background as a Yoga teacher, a Reiki student, and believes being a life coach to parents and women is her true calling and she can help you take a step in the right direction towards creating the life intended for you. The purpose of these sessions is for you to remain in the driver’s seat with her supporting and challenging you on your way.

As a graduate of the Oregon State University, she received a bachelors in Psychology. While her true intention was to go into counseling upon graduation, her life went in a different direction. Since then, she has spent a number of years in the corporate world. She has also spent a great deal of time studying personal development, spirituality, and other self-help techniques. With a varied background in the corporate world, as a yogi, and mother, her intention is to help others on their journey.

With all the noise and chaos from our everyday lives, it can be difficult to remember how to listen to our inner guidance.  Once we determine we are ready to reconnect, it can be helpful to get some support along the way.  Once we are back in alignment, all things are possible.  We can begin to unfold what our soul had intended for us prior to our coming into this time/space reality. We can use our gifts and talents to benefit others in a way that also benefits us and our families.

Coaching with Sonni focuses on actionable plans, spiritual principles, and support. She brings focus and clarity to help you see the answers that have been there all along to help you live an authentic life. As a healer, Sonni helps you create a plan to move from where you are to where you want to be by highlighting next steps forward towards your goals.