Why Parents Today Benefit From Coaching More Than Ever Before

If you’ve ever felt like an extra set of eyes, ears, and effort would help you achieve balance and fulfillment as a parent, working with a life coach can help you do just that. Top executives and athletes today rely on coaches for clarity and organization, so why not hire a coach to help you balance the hardest job in the world?


As a modern parent who works, has other hobbies, who needs occasional peace and quiet… disarray and chaos become part of your everyday world. The unavoidable life clutter that comes with parenting erases clarity you may have once had in your thoughts and routine. Focusing on your children’s needs and your own can confuse the mind when you prioritize, organize, and attempt to live a productive and happy life. While it may be tempting to skip a 7 AM workout after an overwhelming day with the kids, you are more likely to push yourself and hit the gym knowing your coach will be checking in to keep you accountable.

Reassurance and Solidarity

One of the main functions of a life coach is the validation you receive when otherwise, you’d feel like you are lost in your progress in life. As a parent who makes thousands of micro and macro decisions a day on the well-being of children, some of those choices can leave you unsure or discouraged about your skills as a parent. While this is completely normal, it can feel like anything but.

This is one way a life coach proves effective: discussing anxieties and milestones of parenting with a professional who highlights the incredible choices you make daily is empowering and encouraging (especially for new parents). On the other hand, with frustrations such as feeling sluggish, juggling your healthy meals vs. kid-friendly quick dinners, or communicating with your spouse, a coach is there to hear you and guide you into balancing it all.

Balance and Fulfillment

It is incredibly important for parents to not only feel balance in their parenting and individual needs, but to also feel fulfilled in their dreams and endeavors outside of parenting. These feelings help avoid resentment of parenting and motivate you to work hard at the hardest job in the world, while also pursuing your own passions and fulfillment outside of your children. Now that you must divide your attention and time, a life coach doubles the effort spent on your dreams in a limited amount of time.

With techniques such as motivational interviewing, action-oriented goal setting, and exercises to clarify your desires, working with a life coach to achieve balance and fulfillment can help you feel whole and empowered as a parent and as an individual. To get a more in-depth look into what a conversation with a life coach sounds like, this article provides a sample session that you can read through.

Life coaches today exist to enhance your strengths as a parent and human, to help organize your priorities, and to encourage you to take clear action and reach your goals in life and health. Taking advantage of their help allows you the space, freedom, and confidence to balance your busy world and show up as the best version of you for yourself and your family.

Guest Post by Kristie Santana is a Master Certified Coach with over 15 years of coaching experience. She is the founder of the National Coach Academy and coaches clients all around the world, specializing in work-life balance.


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